Picture of Rockin' Roddy on 12-25-2007 after Operation Cacher Surprise. Operation Cacher Surprise was an effort between cachers on and myself to replace Rod's GPSr after it was stolen out of his Jeep, along with many GeoCoins.

In the picture he is holding the new GPSr and gifts I got for his boys.

Here is the Private Ryan TB I dropped off during our 4 cache adventure after Operation Cacher Surprise.
Rod and me after our caching adventure.
Rod and me displaying the gifts after our caching adventure.

Here I am with Mobile Mariner trading coins on 07-02-2008. We crossed paths at a nearby cache and drove over to the place he was staying. After discussing our caching adventures we decided to trade coins

I can still count on one hand the number of cachers I have crossed paths with while out caching.